Citi Rewards Card

This card is a shoppers dream with free parking at Orchard road and for every S$ spend you get 10x Rewards (S$1 spend = Citi$10) whenever you shop for clothes, shoes or bags at departmental stores locally, overseas and online! Cash in on some great cash rebates, Citi Rewards Card offers up to S$550 in cash rebates!

Cash Back
Frequent Flyer

Detailed information

Annual fee 192.60 SGD
Fee Waiver 12 months
Monthly interest 2%
Minimum income 40000 SGD
Age requirements Minimum 21 years

Apply now while offer last!

This offer from Citi Bank may be time limited. We can only guarantee the specifics of this offer today (2020-09-26).

  • 10x more rewards per dollar
  • Free parking Orchard rd
  • S$550 Cash rebates

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